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Canada Welcomes Syrian Refugees with Open Arms

As a war rages on in Syria, many refugees are on the move, looking for their chance at a better life. With so many bordering countries shutting their doors, refugees have turned to other countries for help. Canada is doing more than just offering help. The newly elected Liberal government has pledged

Answers to FAQs About Canada For Newly Arrived Refugees

Welcome! You’re here, you’ve arrived, and we’re so pleased to see you. In the words of our Prime Minister, “You are home.” And the sooner you start making yourselves feel at home, the better. So in the interest of settling in, let’s kick things off by answering any questions you

This is a Breakdown of What Countries Canada’s Refugees Come From

Looking over the origin of Canada’s refugees, who come from literally every corner of the world, one can see a clear correlation between major crisis and displaced populations. Almost 8,000 Haitians landed in Canada between 2004 and 2013; in 2010, one of the deadliest earthquakes in history levelled most of