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Paris Will Sell its Famous Love Locks to Support Refugees

Last summer, Paris stripped its bridges of the famous love locks that people flocked from around the world to Instagram. Since then, it’s been unclear what would happen to the 65 tonnes of metal. Yesterday, the city of Paris announced an amazing initiative with a two-fold benefit: local authorities are

These Stunning Home Designs Could Be a Game-Changer for the Refugee Crisis

As the global refugee crisis continues, the demand for suitable housing is only going to increase. Nobody knows that as much as the Netherlands. In 2015, close to 60,000 refugees arrived in the small country. Their solution wasn’t exactly ideal and involved the opening of an abandoned prison as temporary public

New German Website Sets Up Dates Between Locals and Refugees

Despite over a million refugees arriving in Germany over the past two years, most residents have never actually had a conversation with their new Syrian, Iraqi or Afghani neighbours. Many aren’t even really aware of their presence. “It was all over the media, every day on the talk shows you had people talking