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#CareerGoals: 102.1 The Edge Morning Show Hosts, Ruby and Alex Carr

Brother-sister duo, Ruby and Alex Carr, grace the radio wave streams each morning on 102.1 The Edge Morning Show with their comical take on the world – making that morning commute a bit more bearable! What does being on the radio look like day to day? Alex: That’s a really

Today’s Notable Young Professional: Jesse Reynolds

Jesse Reynolds wakes up Ottawa with their daily dish of celebrity gossip as 1/3 of the JUMP! Morning Crew with Jesse, Jenna & Gord on JUMP! 106.9 FM.  WORK Describe what you do in less than 140 characters. Go. Ottawa’s Acid Tongue. I specialize in celebrity gossip as 1/3 of the

Norway Becomes the First Country to Say Goodbye to FM Radio

Digital is killing the radio star. At least, it is in Norway. After more than 60 years of the FM dial, the country is set to become the first to shutdown its FM (Frequency Modulation) radio network, marking a controversial move to digital technology. The shutdown will begin in the

Fred Kennedy: Today’s Notable Young Professional

Fred Kennedy has a varied career as a radio host, a TV personality and a comic book writer. He cites one of his most memorable career milestones to date as interviewing Weird Al Yankovic.  WORK 1. Describe what you do in less than 140 characters. Go. I’m a radio host

Watch This Incredibly Touching Video About Growing Up

WireTap, one of CBC’s most beloved radio programs and the 24th most popular podcast on iTunes, is calling it a day. After an 11-year run, host Jonathan Goldstein is taking a step back to focus on something new – but not before releasing one of the program’s most touching segments on his