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The Airbnb of Cars is Coming to Canada

Peer-to-peer sharing has changed the way we live our lives. You no longer have to spend an arm and a leg to stay at an out-of-this-world abode thanks to Airbnb, and drivers can now use their vehicles to generate extra income thanks of Uber. And now another company is trying to break into Canada’s

Report Reveals Which Canadian Cities See the Most UFOs

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a … UFO? Reports show Quebec leads the country in sightings of unidentified flying objects. Yes, aliens have officially chosen the Quebec skyways as their main place to fly. According to a Winnipeg-based research group Ufology, Quebec leads the nation in UFO sightings.

Three Canadian Cities Ranked Among the Smartest in the World

Damn it, Canada. You’re a smart bunch of individuals. Go ahead. You can admit it. No one will judge you for saying so. Because actually, it’s pretty much a proven fact. The Intelligent Community Forum named the top seven intelligent communities for 2016. And with an IQ popping three Canadian

These Are Your 2015 Quebec Regional Notable Award Nominees

After several exciting weeks and hundreds of nominations we’re down to the final regional nominees for each category. We know, we’re excited too. Below you’ll find the names of the Quebec nominees for each of the 30 categories eligible to win a 2015 Notable Award! Voting will open tomorrow, February 2nd at

Trivago Says These Are Canada’s 25 Best Hotels

With the Canadian dollar so low Apple is going to charge us more for apps, international travellers are currently making their way to Canada to take advantage of the affordable prices. And while hotel options are a dime a dozen in Canada, finding the best place to stay isn’t always easy.