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Montreal Terraces Will be Smoke Free Starting Tomorrow

It’s not just the boulangeries and cobbledstone streets that make Montreal feel like Europe — it’s a penchant for smoking, too. Which is why many people will be disappointed to learn that the city is finally changing its policies on smoking in public. Lighting up MTL will become much tougher starting tomorrow as a set

A Canadian Couple Just Got Married in Front of More Than 1,000 Cats

It’s wedding season, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to find the perfect summer outfit, sharpen our claws, and lick our fur into shape. Right?! We’re talking about cat guests, of course, because 1,100 of them recently got themselves suited and booted for the feline wedding of the century. Canadian

Uber Could Be Gone From Quebec as Early as This Summer

Just one day after Toronto officially legalized Uber, the City of Montreal has proposed legislation that will essentially force the ride-sharing service to shut down. If the law comes in to effect, Uber will be required to treat its drivers the same way taxis do. This means paying for permits and having a limited