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Creating a Gender Positive Workplace

Our resident legal expert, Jessyca Greenwood, share her knowledge on how employers can create a gender positive workspace that will be a benefit to both the business and the employees. International Women’s Day comes and passes every year and I’m left wondering whether we are making progress as professional women?

How to Stay Positive When You Lose Your Job

Unemployment and getting laid off are inevitable parts of working life. With a shaky economy, millennials work in a competitive and often challenging environment – and it’s more than likely that we’ll lose our jobs involuntarily at some point in our career. Perhaps you were fired, or maybe you were

This Inspiring Widow Turned Her Life Around With a Selfie-a-Day for a Year

We’re frequently being reminded that selfies are the scourge of modern society. If someone isn’t risking life and limb to get the perfect shot, they’re killing a rare baby dolphin in their quest to do it. So it’s refreshing to hear a positive story about the much maligned self-portrait. A

Tweets Confirm Canadians Are More Polite and Upbeat Than Americans

Common belief dictates that Canadians are more polite and positive than their neighbours to the South. “It’s just the feeling I get,” our European or Asian or African or Australian or South American or Caribbean friends will tell us. But can you quantify that feeling? A pair of linguists from McMaster University attempted