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4 Ways You Can Seriously Upgrade Your Instagram Photos

These days, Instagram is all about high-quality photos. While a straight-from-the-iPhone-photo used to satisfy the average ‘grammer, it seems like every other user is seeking out increasingly expensive smart-phones or DSLR cameras to get photos that shoot to the top of the Popular page. While I’m sure we’d all love

Street Photographer Tracks Down People He Snapped Decades Ago to Recreate the Images

We all have those cringeworthy photos from times past (as in, before social media was even a thing) filled with questionable hairstyles, wardrobe choices, and friends. Sometimes, a side-by-side comparison is truly shocking (i.e. your braces and pimple-filled junior high shots compared to your perfectly filtered Instagram posts from the

Tinder’s CEO Just Revealed What Makes the Perfect Profile Picture

The days of catching someone’s eye from across a crowded room have long been replaced with matching up with someone on a crowded app. And this despite the fact that your chances of success while talking to the person in a crowded room are likely much higher than all the

These Are the Stunning Photographs That Won the World Press Photo Contest

The World Press Photo Contest has awarded its top prize to Australian, Warren Richardson, for his entry entitled ‘Hope for a New Life’. The winning photo shows a baby being passed through barbed wire by a refugee. The picture was taken on August 28, 2015, and shows a man transferring