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Liberals Promise to Cut Cell Phone and Internet Costs if Re-Elected

Canada’s ruling Liberal government is making a late push for the Millennial vote ahead of October’s federal election. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “Canadians shouldn’t be paying more for their already very expensive internet and communications services, and that is something we will take into account.” Two

I Spent a Week at Work Without My Phone – Here’s What Happened

Cutting technology completely out of my life seemed impossible, but from the moment I turned off my cell phone, the benefits were overwhelming. I wake up every day in a world so dependant on technology: Alarm clocks, electric toothbrushes, pre-set coffee machines, Tesla charging stations, Apple Pay, Instagram… the list

Mobile Providers Can No Longer Charge You to Unlock Your Phone

As you’re already painfully aware, being a mobile phone user in Canada is an expensive endeavour. We pay the most in the world for mobile data, are charged exorbitant amount in overage fees, and generally spend more money on smartphones than what any sane person would deem reasonable. While most

This Awesome Micro Wind Turbine Will Solve All Your Dead Phone Problems

Scaling Mount Everest is a gruelling endeavour marked by frightening isolation, perilous physical demand, and a high risk of death. It’s also greatly inopportune for your phone battery as USB ports are in non-existent supply around those parts. Mountaineers, desert explorers, long-hail hikers, and groups of bros camping for the weekend will be