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5 Easy Ways To Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

2017 was a hot mess – there’s no denying it. It seems that scandals, crisis and outbreaks galore plastered headlines like tragedy was in style, making it a turbulent year all around. The good thing is – it’s all over. And perhaps with the new year, people will be inspired

Notable Life’s Holiday Traditions and Resolutions

The holidays are personal. It seems each family has their own routines and traditions that they look forward to each year. Here at Notable Life, we have varying nationalities and religious beliefs. What we all share in common is our love for our families and friends. Some of us have

Booze Free January 101

Booze-Free January: it’s one thing to say it or entertain the thought, and quite another to actually follow through. If you have taken the challenge (and have even made bets with your friends or parents), here are a few things to keep in mind

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions and Tips for the YP Woman

Every young professional looks forward to the start of a new year. It’s the time to start a new chapter and improve yourself, but when it comes to fresh beauty regimes, we never seem to be able to keep them alive. Here are our top 10 realistic New Year’s beauty resolutions for every YP woman