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7 Tips For Single Parents Getting Through College or University

Last summer, it had been over a year since I was in school. I had just come off of my one-year maternity leave, I was back at a part-time job that wasn’t fulfilling for me in the slightest and I was now a single mother to a one-year-old depending on

Secrets of the Biz: The Total Mom Show

The Total Mom Show founder, Anna Sinclair, wears a ton of hats. As a former Family Channel and Disney Channel star, she still sings and writes music for her loyal fans. She’s also the proud owner of @YourLegacyLifestyle blog which provides moms and young families with simple answers to health and

Five New Mom #truths that might catch you off guard

Maybe I ignored anything that sounded remotely negative in the months before I gave birth to my one and only. Or maybe my well meaning circle of female relatives and friends just didn’t want to freak me out too much. Whatever it was, when I became a first time mom,

Video of Ontario Mother Getting Triplets and Toddler Ready for Bed Goes Viral

For many of us who don’t have children, the only insight into the world of motherhood is seen from the slightly posed and perfected photos on Instagram and Facebook that our friends and family share. We don’t get to see the everyday struggles that young parents go through, or the obstacles they have