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International Poll: Canada Has the World’s Most Positive Global Influence

Last year, satire site The Beaverton found that ‘Canada ranked number 1 on a list of countries that care the most about international rankings’. It is therefore our duty to present you with the latest and greatest ranking in which Canada can declare itself world champion. (If the Toronto Raptors

15 conseils des plus inspirants jeunes professionnels au Canada

Tous les jours nous présentons un jeune professionnel ou entrepreneur qui a mené sa carrière à un niveau supérieur, offrant à nos lecteurs un accès exclusif dans l’esprit de certains des Canadiens les plus talentueux et inspirants au pays. Une question que nous leur posons est « quel conseil aimeriez-vous partager avec les autres jeunes professionnel ? ». Voici 15 des meilleures réponses

Socialnomics Author Erik Qualman Talks Social Media and Influence

Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, an award-winning book on the power of influence, as well as a TEDx speaker, reveals that nearly one in five Canadians report that social media has made them more influential. According to him, the power and influence of word of mouth is turning to “world of mouth”

How to Become Influential

Influence is an attractive feature for any young professional, whether in one’s social or professional life. So how do you become someone whose opinion is highly respected amongst a large network? Read on to find out