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There Are Thousands of Islands in Indonesia You Can Name After Yourself

Indonesia has an island problem. Which is to say, there are too damn many of them. The Pacific nation, which is made up of nothing but plots of solidified volcanic lava, currently has 13,500 islands registered with the United Nations. That number is expected to climb to almost 15,000 by August. Other

Airbnb Released Its 9 ‘Most Wished For’ Properties in the World

Over the past few years, Airbnb has changed the way we have gone on vacation. The online booking site has introduced us to neighbourhoods we may never have chosen to visit, as well as giving us the opportunity to stay in some homes so elaborate we could usually only afford

Tasty Travel: Balinese Style Chicken Satay Kebabs

One of the most exciting things about travel is the chance to dive into local cuisine, so roll up your sleeves, toss on an apron, and maximize that “tasty travel” as only a seasoned YP traveller could. Until then, try out our resident chef’s newest exotic acquisition all the way from beautiful Bali, Indonesia: Balinese-style Chicken Satay Kebabs