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Forbes Releases its List of Highest Paid Hip-Hop Artists

Forbes just released its list of the highest paid hip-hop artists. Officially titled “Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2015,” the annual roundup ranks today’s hottest hip-hop stars by earnings in a one-year period. As it turns out, there are a few surprises this year. Whereas Dr. Dre made the most last year after

Street Script: When Street Art Met Hip Hop Lyrics

There is a mainstream and influential cultural connection that exists between art and hip-hop, but many still have outdated views on the genre. Street Script brings a form of beauty to the lyrics and has even made it a business

Hey Montreal, You Think You Can Rap?

So you spent your childhood listening to, and memorizing, every lyric Young MC, Maestro Fresh Wes, and the Fresh Prince put out and until now you thought you’d never get the chance to perform for anyone other than your mirror. Well, think again

Chris Allen: The Man Behind the Hip Hop Talking, Swag Walking, Sober Advocating Tattoos

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to talk shop seemed like an unlikely place to meet a man who is responsible for some serious live paintings, tattoos and art in the hip-hop industry. The young 36-year-old man who was sitting in front of me was cordial, respectful and hilarious, as well as a recovering addict, a freelance tattoo artist and the owner of his business, Inkproof