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This Video Shows Just How Much More Time it Takes to Be a Woman

When it comes to societal expectations, it’s well understood that women get the short end of the stick. From makeup to body hair removal, all these extra activities that women are expected to do in order to appear “well groomed” don’t just cost us a pretty penny, they also take

7 Vancouver Spots for Men to Handle Their Manscaping

Aside from taking care of this task on the regular, are you lost on where to start? A key part of the manscaping process is finding someone (hopefully a professional) willing to take all that excess hair off your body. Well, a list of seven of the top hair removal spots in Vancouver should help

7 Reasons Every Man Should Be Manscaping

If you’re not manscaping yet, we suggest you start. The stereotype is long gone, waxing is no longer just for the metro-man, and tweezers are super cheap. We caught up with Lexi Miles from Toronto’s Waxon Waxbar for a little more insight when it comes to manscaping. Here are 7 reasons why you should be doing it