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The Gentlemen’s Guide to Living it Up in Victoria

This getaway guide is for the guys (sorry ladies!). With the temperatures inching up to slightly more respectable levels, we’re itching to escape the city in search of a bit of relaxation tempered with just the right amount of action. What better a place to head to in order to find just that than BC’s capital

Negging: Get Over It and Be a Gentleman Again

In recent years, we have seen the rise of a phenomenon that seems to have taken a large portion of the single male population by head-enlarging storm. It’s called negging. Perhaps you’ve heard of it

What to Wear this Spring: The Young Professional Gentleman

Last week, we asked three fabulously fashionable Canadian young professional (YP) boutique owners to comment on what is hot for the YP lady this spring, and what we can expect to see on city streets across the country. Now, our attention shifts to the suave and stylish YP gentleman as we turn to some in-the-know YPs for insight on what to wear now that the warmer weather is finally here

Holiday Gifts Under $50 for the Notable Gentleman

With $50 in hand, we braved the crowds to do some retail research at some of our favourite stores across the country. Whether it’s for a colleague or client, family or friend, these gifts should make for very happy holidays for the Notable man on your shopping list