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The Rise of the Sex Robots: Why Digisexuality Could Mean a Big Step Backwards

With the unlimited options available at our fingertips via dating apps, the fact that old-fashioned romance has been replaced with heart-shaped emojis, and the ever-moving pace of our cities, dating in today’s world isn’t easy. Young singles aren’t only competing with more fellow singles than ever (complete with perfectly filtered

Australia Features the World’s First Vending Machine-Only Shop

Vending machines could be the future of retail. That is, if the concept of one store in Australia catches on. Vitamin Warehouse offers an array of products, including cell phone accessories, vitamins, perfume, medicine, bandages and soft drinks, with things like coffee, cycling accessories, DVDs and fruit juice coming soon.

The Next Stage: How Life Will Look for Future Millennial Parents

When the toddler at the table next to you at your local hotspot has an iPad in hand, it’s safe to say that parenting is going to look a lot different for us than it did for our parents. Whether you’re hoping for a positive pregnancy test before the ground

6 Easy Hacks Anyone Can Do to Save Money for the Future

Saving money for the future is the last thing on many young professionals’ minds. Don’t worry, we totally get it. When you have student loans to pay off, rent to cover, and all the other expenses that come with being a young adult, your financial priorities tend to be more