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Air Canada Launches New Program Offering Free Stopovers in Toronto

For many travellers, planning a vacation to Toronto simply isn’t in the cards. It’s not really “on the way” to many places, after all. But with the hope of attracting more international travellers, Air Canada has launched a new stopover program that allows travellers with outbound or return flights through Toronto to stay for up to

Cuteness Overload: Australia Now Has a Free Puppy Subscription Service

Free. Puppies. Forever. Yes, you read that correctly. Australia has launched a new service that will actually deliver you an unlimited supply of puppies — free of charge. Forever. This seemingly impossible dream will actually become a reality thanks to Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. The Free Puppies Forever service will also cover the cost

Google Drive is Giving Away 2GB of FREE Storage Space Today

We’d all be lying if we said we didn’t like free stuff. And to help celebrate Safer Internet Day, which is meant to promote safe and secure usage of technology and smartphones, Google is giving away 2 GB of free Drive space to users who complete a brief account security checkup. The security checkup

14 Ways to Enjoy a Money-Free Weekend

The weekend is finally here. The sun is shining, the music is playing…but there’s one issue: you’re on a budget. Perhaps you’re saving for that dream vacation to a gorgeous beach resort or maybe it’s for a down payment for a new condo on the horizon; whatever the reason, we