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8 Types of Failed Relationships We’ve All Been Through

No matter where we are romantically right now, we all have a past. Whether you’re single, coupled up, or about to add your current significant other to the pile of exes on the list, most of us have some skeletons in the closet. Sometimes our pasts wore leather jackets, drove

Running Into Your Ex for the First Time – Expectations vs. Reality

Unless you’re a hermit, chances are you’ll inevitably run into your ex at some point following your breakup. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to encounter that awkward situation for at least a few months so you’ll have time to get that Victoria Secret-worthy body that

Calm Down: You Don’t Miss Your Ex, it’s Just the Holidays

Admit it: whether you’re single or happily married, your ex has probably crossed your mind at some point in the past few days. ‘Tis the season, after all. Whether you’re reminiscing of Christmas vacations past, debating wishing them a happy holidays, wondering what they’re up to, or missing them hopelessly,