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Why Urban Beekeeping is All the Buzz

A rising number of homes and businesses are starting to maintain beehives on city rooftops and in backyards. The point? They’re your personal source of locally produced honey and contribute to the honey bee cause. Yes, the honey bee cause is a thing

Birks Buzzed With Luxury at Their 135th Anniversary Party

Rain? What rain? That’s how you know that an event is done right – when the lousy weather outside is the last thing on your mind. Birks hosted a flawless garden-themed soirée celebrating 135 lovely and successful years in the jewelry business at their Montreal flagship boutique

Birks Buzzes With Bee Themed Collection and a Sweet as Honey Party

In each of the last six years, one-third of honeybee colonies have been lost in North America and Europe – and there’s nothing sweet about that. Without their significant role in fruit and vegetable production, we might as well wish ourselves an early death by starvation now. That’s why Birks, the leading Canadian jeweller we all know and love, is doing something about it