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Are You Ready to Handle 110 km/h on Ontario Highways?

Literally buckle up: Ontario is testing higher speed limits on select highways. On September 26th, the province will test a 110 km/h speed limit on three Ontario highways. The pilot project was first announced in May. The PC Government is launching a pilot project on three stretches of highway that will

Reminder: Ontario’s Distracted Driving Penalties Increase Starting January 1

Not like you need stricter penalties to stop you from driving distracted, but it’s worth mentioning again. Starting January 1, 2019, drivers in Ontario will be subject to increased fines and license suspension if caught distracted behind the wheel. A little rewind to June: Harsher punishment for distracted drivers

‘Driving in Toronto 2018’ Dashcam Video Reveals Why No One is Safe

Dashcam videos occupy a special place in Internet lore. Through no other medium can you take in the absurdity – and danger – of life on earth. Case in point: One motorist’s ‘Driving in Toronto 2018’ video, a compilation of insanity recorded from his dashboard. It’s only a minute long but

If You Failed Your Driving Test, You’re Probably too Smart to Pass

If you failed your driving test, you may have something to celebrate. According to new research from the UK, smarter people are more likely to fail their driving tests – so, if your bus pass has you down and out, you’ve got that. Conducted by insurer Privilege DriveXpert on a