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Should repeat distracted drivers have their phones seized?

Smartphones are increasingly an extension of our flesh and soul. For all the good of becoming one with technology, there is also plenty of bad. Namely, distracted driving. About 26% of all car crashes involve phone use. But it isn’t just phones that lead to distractions behind the wheel. Canadians

Shocking Toronto Billboard Encourages Drivers to Text and Drive

If you live in Toronto, you may have noticed a provocative, shocking, and morbid billboard advertisement near the Gardiner Expressway. The ad’s bold text encourages drivers to text and drive – a message from a so-called Watham Funeral Home. Dumb as hell, right? When you visit the website for the

Experts Worry Self-Driving Cars Will Lead to Sex in Moving Vehicles

Today’s biggest roadway concern is distracted drivers. Soon, that will take on a new dimension: sex could be the next big hazard on our streets. As more automobile companies begin exploring the world of semi-autonomous cars, experts are beginning to worry that passengers will start to have more time to multitask — which