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SAD: How to Cope When the Gloom Creeps In

Ask An Expert – Seasonal Affective Disorder: When it’s More Than Just “Winter Blues”  As the light of summer sun fades, the days get shorter and many make their daily commute to and from work in the dark. It’s no wonder, then, that the gloom of depression can descend upon

Is Social Media Glamourizing Mental Illness?

When scrolling through your social media channels, how often do you see mental health buzz words like “depressed” or “anxiety” thrown around casually?  I’m sure the answer is often; it’s become so normalized we don’t even think twice about it! With the 21st century came the emergence of greater mental health

Dear Logan Paul; My Close Friend Hanged Herself

Seven and a half years ago, on a beautiful, sunny June day, one of my longtime close friends hanged herself to death. For Melissa’s close friends, life post-June 1, 2010 looked very different than it did in our carefree, mid-20s lives before she died. It always will be. The thing

14 Reasons Why Everyone Should Care About World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day – and it means more than just a headline and a hashtag. While we would like to think that we’ve made major strides in eroding the stigma – and thanks to powerful social media campaigns, vocal celebrities and initiatives like Bell Let’s Talk, we