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Here’s How the U.S./Cuba Relationship Could Impact Canadians

Cuba has always been perfect for Canadians seeking a beautiful beach-filled vacation on a budget. But the Cuba as we know it is about to change – so if you like it the way it is, you may want to book a trip now before the landscape becomes unrecognizable and ‘affordable’

8 Last-Minute Vacation Deals From Canada to Tropical Climates

Despite the warmer weather Canadians are experiencing this winter, nothing beats lounging on a beach and relaxing in the warm sunshine. So if you’re looking for a last minute escape to your favourite warm-weather destination, we’ve found some last minute getaways for under $1000. With trips to Las Vegas, Cuba, Dominican

Cuba is the First Country in the World to Eliminate Mother-to-Baby HIV Transmission

Cuba has once again proven it has one of the world’s most advanced medical systems and healthcare policies in the world. The World Health Organization announced yesterday that the Caribbean island is the first country in the world to eliminate mother-to-baby HIV transmission. WHO Director General Margaret Chan called it “one of the greatest public

Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Vaccine, and it Might Finally Hit the Global Market

A first-of-its-kind lung cancer vaccine that’s been freely available in Cuba may finally reach American shores in the near future. CimaVax EGF, a result of Cuba’s exceptional commitment to medical research and biotech over the past 20 years, is one of the most promising anti-cancer drugs currently available anywhere in

These Are the Incredible First Images of Cuba Taken From the Air

Cuba’s finally beginning to get some attention – for better or worse. Yet no matter how many travellers or journalists mark this fascinating Caribbean island on their itinerary, they’ll never have quite the breathtaking POV of renowned photographer Marius Jovaisa