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12 Household Items Every Young Professional Should Invest In

After what felt like years of searching for your first ‘real’ job and moonlighting as a server, you’ve finally locked down your first big girl job and damn does it feel good. As your bank account (thankfully) begins to increase you finally realize it’s time to move out of the

There is a Cool New Way to Shop for Your Toronto Apartment

There’s a new way to go apartment shopping in Toronto – and it involves entering a different apartment. Yes, say goodbye to Ikea, CB2 and Design Republic – and say hello to 800 SQ FT. This new shoppable apartment idea popped up as a way to help the many of us

Boxit Welcomes Self Storage to the 21st Century

We’re all too familiar with the challenge of packing away our life’s belongings in a 700-square foot box in the sky (aka the reality of condo living in the country’s largest city). But before you decide to chip away at your sentimental possessions – or spiral further out of control into a full-on hoarder – consider this: There’s a solution

Balcony Gardening on the Rise

Summer is here (it actually feels like it most days!), and for a young professional living in a downtown apartment or condo, that can mean it’s time to spruce up your balcony. The art of container gardening is on the rise and offers a way to keep the growth of plants and vegetables limited, meaning they could easily fit on a balcony and transform it into a legitimate outdoor space