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Comic Captures What it Means to Be ‘Privileged’ in Today’s Society

Take a second to think about everything you have. Now take another second to think about how you got it. No doubt, it was the result of your hard work. But it wasn’t only your handwork. Chances are it was also a culmination of several other tiny advantages you’ve had in your life; some

Toronto Comic D.J. Demers Kills it on Conan

It’s always great to see Canadian talent slaying it down south. So when comedian D.J. Demers hit Conan in December, we made sure to tune in. With the launch of his new show, we thought we’d make sure you saw what it looks like when a local takes over the international stage

Montreal Comiccon: 8 Notable Reasons to Get Geek Chic This Year

Celebrities, costumes, and Q&As. This year’s Comiccon has everything you’ve ever wanted if everything you’ve ever wanted is to meet and mingle with the stars of your favourite sci-fi shows and movies. Oh and don’t forget about the cosplay too