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Notable Was Here

Why did it seem like January went on for 6 weeks while February went by in a flash? The Notable team for one, was quite busy. From Toronto Fashion week to The Concierge Club’s 5th Anniversary bash, we’ve rounded up highlights from some of the most exclusive events that took

If You’re Under 35, You Have Reason to Fear Your Financial Future

If you’re under the age of 35, we have some pretty depressing news for you. According to CBC, young people have reason to fear for our economic future. The CBC recently spoke to young Canadians across the country to hear their financial concerns. As it turned out, three themes emerged

Iconic Canadian CBC Host Peter Mansbridge Announces His Retirement

Long-time CBC staple Peter Mansbridge has announced he will step down from his position as chief correspondent of CBC News after a 28-year run. His final broadcast will air on Canada Day, 2017 – the country’s 150th birthday. “As someone who believes strongly in public broadcasting, leaving the CBC’s flagship will