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This Harry Potter Themed Wedding Was Absolutely Magical

Wedding season may be a once annual kind of a deal – but Harry Potter fandom is forever. Or so it was with this wizard-obsessed couple, whose Harry Potter themed wedding put every other super fan to shame. Sure, you’ve read the books and watched the films – maybe you’ve

This UK Treehouse Tops British Airbnb Users’ Wish Lists

When Brits go on holiday, they don’t want to stay in a luxurious hotel with a four-poster bed and room service. They want to live in a tiny treehouse with just enough room for two in their own little corner of the world. Airbnb recently analyzed over two million wish

17 Thoughts on a Brit’s First Winter in Canada

The season may not be as arctic as some in recent memory, but El Nino or not, it’s still a hell of a lot colder than any of us Brits are used to experiencing. Winter, which we’re used to being only ten degrees chillier than our “British summer time” (read: temperatures

14 Things a British Person Notices When They Move To Toronto

Brits may have a reputation as your cuisine-challenged, tea-swilling, self-deprecating cousins from across the pond. But it turns out Canadians aren’t lacking in their share of quirks. Here are just a handful of eccentricities of your own as noticed by an ‘across the pond’ native: [ad_bb1] 1. I have started to