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How The Nook Opened Their Store Front During a Global Pandemic

As in the rest of Canada, daily life for Canadians living in BC has been vastly impacted by the global pandemic.  In spite of province-wide restrictions that have recently been extended indefinitely, BC’s entrepreneurs are working hard to fulfill life-long dreams. In some cases, those dreams include a storefront.  Jessica

#NotableBusiness: Wedding and Elopement Planners Vow & Co.

2020 has been hard on all of us, but couples who spent time and money planning big weddings have been hit in a very unique and disappointing way. Enter Caitlin Tamane, owner and Founder of VOW & Co., a wedding and elopement planning business. She’s been saving the day for

Residents in Victoria and Vancouver have Highest Credit Scores in Canada

As we Millennials take over the workforce and continue to strive forward into adulthood, many indicators mark our evolution into certified ‘grownups.’  No, it is not being able to drink wine, watching Friends on Netflix, and eating ice cream for dinner whenever you want. It is something far more alluring

‘Too little, Too Late’: B.C. Government Sued Over Delay Providing $750K Drug

Paul Chung, a 21-year-old university student from Langley, BC, is sueing the government of British Columbia because they delayed providing an expensive drug that, he believes, would have saved him from permanent disablement. Chung says that the Ministry of Health only provided him with coverage for the $750,000-a-year drug, Soliris, after a