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Oh No, They’re Making a ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

There was a satisfactory finality to ‘Breaking Bad’ when the groundbreaking series came to a close in 2013. Audiences were mostly fine with how it ended. Another season wouldn’t make sense. There was no other reasonable conclusion. Now, it appears as though the franchise’s overdosed corpse will be revived because

You Can Airbnb Aaron Paul’s Awesome Home for Just $400

Indoor pool? Check. Geothermal hot spring? Check. Meth lab? Not listed…but maybe? You probably know where this is going. Aaron Paul, best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, has listed his Boise, Idaho home on Airbnb. You can book a stay at his gorgeous two-bedroom, two-bathroom abode

Three Costumes You’ll Be Seeing More Than Once This Halloween

We all know Halloween isn’t all about originality. But since we’re too old for it to just be about the candy, we’ve got to at least get a little creative. Which means if you want to have any costume clout this year, you probably don’t want to show up at the party dressed as one of the following

Six Things Every Young Professional Can Learn From Walter White

Now that the Kleenex boxes have hopefully been set aside and we are all moving forward embracing a future without the gut-wrenching and nail-biting journey of Walter White, and the rise and demise of the “blue stuff” empire, it’s a good time to reflect on what one of the most brilliant, engaging and clever shows on TV has taught us