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Five New Mom #truths that might catch you off guard

Maybe I ignored anything that sounded remotely negative in the months before I gave birth to my one and only. Or maybe my well meaning circle of female relatives and friends just didn’t want to freak me out too much. Whatever it was, when I became a first time mom,

Tim Hortons Men’s Bathrooms Will Soon Come With Diaper-Changing Tables

“It’s 2018” – that’s all you have to say to get something accomplished in Canada. So starts the story of one frustrated father whose tweets to Tim Hortons motivated Canada’s used-to-be-favourite coffee and Timbit chain to install diaper-changing tables in its men’s bathrooms across the country. Chris Webb, a father

Women With these Names Are Most Likely to Give Birth this Year

If your name is Jessica or Elizabeth, you may be expecting more than a promotion at work or an epic vacation this year.  You could be more likely to give birth than a fellow female named Olivia or Paige.   According to science and recent data, women ages 29-30 are