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8 Reasons to Visit New York This Fall

Though we’re firm believers that “New York is always a good idea,” we think it’s an even better idea in the fall. Not only is it less overrun with tourists, it’s also filled with fall colours, the arts, and a cultural scene that kicks it up a notch

Fall Essentials for the Young Professional Lady

It’s that time of the year again. The cold has finally hit, which has forced every young professional to go through their wardrobe and stock up on the essentials for the season. These gotta’ have ’em pieces will keep every YP woman up to trend and will help to perfect the intimidating skill of accessorizing. Whether you are at work or hitting the town, you’ll be wearing these pieces over and over again

Here’s Why You Should Travel in Fall

Summer is most certainly long gone, and for many young professionals (YPs), fall time equals full-force work time. But as the cooler weather sets in and the memories of summer fun slowly fade away, some begin to develop an itch to change up that usual routine and begin pondering a different sort of productivity: travel

Four Perfectly Autumn Friendly Montreal Cafes

With temperatures dropping faster than Kardashian ratings, it’s only natural that we are on the lookout or already have our list of spots to cozy in, work from or catch up with friends at. Here is that coveted list

Our Must Have Sweaters for Fall 2013

As the colder weather creeps up on us, what better time to welcome sweater weather? Let’s be real; there’s no better feeling than bundling up in a big cozy sweater while sipping on a pumpkin spice Chai latte. We’ve hunted down the fall’s most beloved staple to keep you looking and feeling good all season long