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A Major Warhol Exhibition is Coming to the AGO

Toronto’s art lovers now have something to look forward to – for the entire next year and a bit. The Art Gallery of Ontario officially (AGO) announced that it will host a major exhibition of works by legend Andy Warhol. When the exhibition opens March 2021, visitors will get a

The AGO is About to Make it Much Easier (Free) to Access Art

Everyone should be able to access art. That’s why the Art Gallery of Ontario is making it easier than ever to immerse yourself in everything this wonderful institution has on offer. Starting May 25th, visitors 25 and under are free – all year, anytime. The AGO is also rolling out

This is How Director X Throws a ‘Massive’ Party

If you missed AGO Massive earlier this month (April 11), your FOMO is completely justifiable. It’s not every night that Director X throws an over-the-top bash and invites some of his famous friends for the occasion. For those in the dark, AGO Massive is the Art Gallery of Ontario’s (AGO)

Looking at Toronto Today Through A 20th Century Parisian Lens: New AGO Exhibit

If you’re looking for an activity to fill your Family Day long weekend, look no further than The AGO. Their newly launched exhibit, Impressionism in the Age of Industry, is one of the first impressionist exhibits of it’s kind. “Impressionist artists are most famously known for recreation and leisure, at

You Can Help Bring Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirrors’ to Toronto Forever

Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirrors’ exhibition, the best thing in Toronto ever, drew 165,000 people to the AGO this spring. It was truly the hottest ticket in town. So hot, in fact, that the closest most people got to Kusama’s mesmerizing work was Instagram. Alas, the exhibition ended on May 27th. Now, the AGO