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Survey: There is No Gender Pay Gap in the Tech Industry

Just when I couldn’t handle another headline highlighting the rampant gender inequality in the workplace, there’s some good news when it comes to the matter.

A new survey has found that women are receiving equal pay for equal positions, education, and experience in the tech industry. Imagine that.

According to job search firm Dice, there is no salary gap between the sexes in the tech industry as long as you’re comparing people with equal backgrounds and job titles. The findings are based on its annual survey of 16,000 tech professionals.

The not-so-enthusiastic news is that “there are clear differences by gender when it comes to bonuses, compensation satisfaction, primary motivators, and career concerns.”

In a letter to the media, Dice’s president, Bob Melk, said that while the men (54 per cent) and women (51 per cent) surveyed reported being satisfied with their compensation, more money doesn’t mean as much to women as it does to men.

He acknowledges that employers are offering women alternatives to hefty salaries, including flexible work hours and the option to telecommute. The thing is, such things are becoming commonplace in the shifting, ever-connected workplace anyway. Meaning, they shouldn’t be a substitution for equal pay.

The salary survey was administered online and included 16,301 employed technology professionals, 3379 of whom were women.


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