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Sunday School at the Vancouver Urban Winery

There’s a new place of worship in town for Vancouver’s young professionals. The grand wooden doors at 55 Dunlevy Street in Railtown do not open into a temple or a church, but rather a rustic winery. In place of pews are tables lined with glasses waiting to be filled. And at the alter? Two fantastically entertaining sommeliers who preach the gospel of good wine and a great time

The Sunday School series at the Vancouver Urban Winery has just launched, and attendees are guaranteed a fun and educational evening. The Notable team was invited to attend the first class of the semester, where the question “what’s price got to do with it?” was expertly answered. Wine masters David Stansfield and Lisa Cook lead an informative and entertaining class with a blind tasting of 10 wines from five different varietals. The animated banter between sommeliers stole the show and proved to be much more effective than a PowerPoint as we investigated the principles of price, value, and quality. Expect a laidback and fun atmosphere with lots of interaction.

Sunday School is in session on the third Sunday of every month. Content ranges from understanding wine labels and terminology to evaluating aromas and flavours to assessing perfect food pairings.

February 16th: France vs. the New World       

The Mother country of all things wine squares off against New World wines. Prep yourself for the Vancouver International Wine Festival – the theme country this year is France – through this world war of wine.

March 16th: Sommelier Smack Down: the Rematch        

Two Sommeliers enter the cage. One exits with their ego intact. Equal parts ‘Bloodsport’ and ‘Sideways’, this seminar sees instructors, Dave and Lisa, pit their favourite wines against each other in a vicious cage fight for wine geek supremacy. You act as the judge and jury over five rounds of tasting in this epic rematch. 

April 20th: Food Fight: The Great Beer v. Wine Showdown     

Play with your food at the Sunday School Food Fight, pairing five small plate dishes with five wines and five beers. You’re eating, drinking, and voting.

May 18th: BC vs. the World: Round III     

A no-holds-barred, brown bag, blind tasting challenge that pits the best of BC versus the world. Each round squares off a local wine against a global challenger. This is the Rocky III of wine tastings: the Greatest Challenge. 

June 15th: The Cider House Rules!           

Cider: so hot right now. Could it be the drink of the summer? The answer is yes. Find out why through this comparative tasting of ciders, wines, and fruit beers with special guest presenter Clinton McDougall, certified cider geek and co-founder of Bestie restaurant, Chinatown’s finest sausage parlour.

Sunday School classes are $40 per person and run from 7-9pm. For more information or to buy your ticket, call the Vancouver Urban Winery at 604.566.9463 or visit their website

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Top photo courtesy Vancouver Urban Winery

Mitchell Fawcett