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“Stretched-Earlobe Regret” is Fuelling Canada’s Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Teens: rarely shining examples of exemplary decision-making.

Few things prove this notion more than stretched-earlobe regret (SER), a term that’s recently become a thing to identify the growing number of Millennials with droopy earlobes struggling to navigate the world of employment and a society that moved on from the fad a decade ago.

Cosmetic surgeons, on the other hand, are completely cool with it.

“I’ve seen patients who are really surprised you don’t just take the spacer out and it goes back to normal,” says Oakville-based plastic surgeon Dr. Julie Khanna, who deals with an increasing number of people affected by SER.

Indeed, you can’t just throw your deformed earlobes under the mattress like a My Chemical Romance CD you don’t listen to anymore. Surgery is often the only solution to restoring one’s natural ear shape – an expensive endeavour to fix something that that should never happened in the first place.

The procedure can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 and involves an unpleasant combination of cutting, reshaping, stitching, and removing. It can take up to three months for the ears to heal, and often leaves scars behind as a lasting reminder of the folly of youth.

Remember, kids: trends are never permanent. Body modification is.


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