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Research Shows Alcohol, Not Weed, is the Gateway Drug

You may want to put down that beer if you want to avoid a future of lighting freebase cocaine in a spoon to have a good time.

We always knew those PSAs of the 80s depicting weed as a prerequisite to impending illicit drug use were mostly bullshit, but there’s finally some solid science to back that up. Citing a 2012 study, the American Enterprise Institute recently concluded “America’s most popular legal intoxicant – alcohol – is actually the main gateway drug that leads to the use of more addictive and powerful substances.”

Those powerful substances are most often cocaine and heroin.

Students in the study who used alcohol exhibited a significantly greater likelihood of using both licit and illicit drugs, and were recommended to receive primary attention in school-based substance abuse prevention programming.

The American Enterprise Institute reported on the findings with an impressive degree of snark:

Certain weeds in the cannabis family that are currently proscribed arbitrarily by government policy frequently get blamed for being the main “gateway drug” to more powerful substances, which then is used to justify the government’s immoral, senseless, cruel and costly War on Drugs Otherwise Peaceful Americans Who Choose to Ingest Weeds and Plants Not Currently Approved of by the State, Which Will Put Users and Sellers of Those Weeds in Cages if Caught, Sometimes for Life.

This, of course, makes plenty of sense, considering most of us already had a few 26ers of peach schnapps under our belt by the time we pondered hitting the green – and thus, the floodgates were already wide open.


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