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Racist Toronto Signs Call for White People to Fight Multiculturalism

Day One in Trump’s America was terrifying.

Unfortunately, his dangerous rhetoric hasn’t stopped at the border.

Over the past few days, Toronto residents have stumbled across posters that call on white people to mobilize against multiculturalism.

“Hey, White Person” they begin before asking a series of questions usually posted on right-wing memes.

racist toronto signs
Image: National Post

‘Tired of political correctness?’, ‘Wondering why only white countries have to become multicultural?’, ‘Figured out that diversity only means less people white?’, ‘Sick of being blamed for all the world’s problems?’ and ‘questioning when immigration will stop?’ are a few of the rhetorical queries.

Those who answer ‘yes’ are then summoned to join alt-right movements across Canada and the United States and engage in whatever their shitty mission statements may be.

“I found the posters very disturbing, residents in my ward sent it this morning. I think the sentiments expressed in the poster are totally unacceptable in this city and it’s very worrisome,” Coun. Janet Davis told Global News on Monday after the signs turned up in Ward 31 Beaches-East York.

“I’m quite worried that the Donald Trump election has legitimized this kind of ultra right wing viewpoint and encouraged these kinds of expressions of hate.”

Police have already launched an investigation to find out who is responsible for the messages.

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