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Notable Interview: The Glorious Sons

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to bands after they ask for your vote in a contest, Kingston’s The Glorious Sons are a living example. We caught up with them to talk about everything from their current cross-Canada tour to music inspiration

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to bands after they ask for your vote in a contest, Kingston’s The Glorious Sons are a living example. The group won both the 2012 LCBO Whisky Rocks Showdown and the 2013 Rocksearch, sponsored by southern Ontario radio station 97.7 HTZ FM. In both competitions, the Sons emerged victorious over hundreds of Ontario bands.

Now on their first cross-Canada tour supporting Vancouver’s Head of the Herd, we caught up with them to talk about everything from their current cross-Canada tour to music inspiration…

Your first EP, Shapeless Art, was released in September. Where can music fans pick up a copy of the album?
Adam Paquette, drummer: You can get it on iTunes and off our website, It’s also available through the Black Box Recordings online store.

You guys have played most of your shows in Kingston and have a huge amount of support there. How are you noticing your live show changing as you go on this national tour and playing for new audiences?
Andrew Young, vocals and guitar: The live show is definitely changing a lot. We’ve always been a higher energy band but I think that as time goes on, especially playing every night, we’ve had the opportunity to really get more cohesive as a band on stage. I think it shows we’re more comfortable in every situation – we’ve played for crowds of people that we haven’t known before but when you play to nobody that you know, just a crowd of strangers, it’s different.

Are you guys happy with the crowd’s response to your music?
Andrew: Yeah. People have come to see Head of the Herd and have approached us after the show saying they hadn’t heard of us before, but they really liked us, and buy an EP. It’s definitely cool.

How did you get on the tour with Head of the Herd?
Adam: We played a show with them. They were coming through Kingston to a place we play a lot called The Merchant, and the venue put us on the bill. They liked us a lot and at that time we were just getting in with the bookers. Two nights later, Head of the Herd were in Toronto at the Drake and the opening band backed out, so we were asked if we could open. When they (Head of the Herd) were doing this tour they picked bands that they wanted to tour with and we were on the top of the list.

In your bio it says your passion is liquor, women and rock and roll, which is very reasonable. If I asked you what your write songs about, would that be the answer?
Jay Emmons, guitarist: : I think all of our songs – and I don’t write the lyrics – but to me, they take on everyday life. We’re just normal dudes writing about normal things.

Would you say that liquor, women and rock and roll are why you write music?
Brett Emmons, lead vocals and keyboard: There’s a lot of inspiration there.

What is the biggest challenge you’re finding in attracting an audience on the road?
Andrew: We’ve been pretty blessed with the crowd turnout, whether it’s due to Head of the Herd or people who have heard (the new EP) Mama and are coming out to see us.

What is the hardest thing about being in a touring band?
Jay: There are challenges getting adjusted to just being away from home. It’s our first major tour and I think all of us have adjusted slowly to being away from your normal, everyday life. Eventually as we get more comfortable this will be more like our everyday life.

Adam: We all work 40 hours a week back home, so to do this it was a blessing. It’s amazing to be able to do it. But it takes a bit to change the routine you’ve been in for years.

And what’s the best part?
Brett: It’s been pretty frickin’ sweet to be having a slumber party with your boys, like it’s back in Grade 6 again. Every night. We just got Wrestlemania! But playing the show, that’s the highlight. It’s always what I’m looking forward to most.

What is your dream festival to play?
Brett: Bonnaroo.
Adam: That’s been the goal since day one.
Andrew: I’d love to play an English festival, like Glastonbury. Or, what’s that one? Tomorrowland.
Chris Huot, bass: That’s a DJ festival. I’d rather just go there.

How can Calgary music fans keep track of you moving forward?
Brett: Hopefully buy our CD, and find us on Facebook or Twitter. Ask us to come to your house for steak dinners before the show! Take us out on the town! 

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