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New $5.7 Billion Windsor-Detroit ‘Hockey Stick’ Bridge Will Open in 2024

After more than a decade of debate, a new bridge connecting Canada and the United States at the Detroit-Windsor corridor looks set for construction.

The specs are pretty incredible: six lanes spanning 2.5 kilometres, with a lifespan of 125 years. And a $5.7 billion price tag (including operation and maintenance for 30 years).

Rendering courtesy Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

It comes with a most fitting name: The Gordie Howe Bridge. Howe, of course, is the Saskatchewan-born Canadian hockey legend who spent 25 years (!) of his “Mr. Hockey” career playing for the Detroit Red Wings. A further nod to our national sport, the bridge’s design is meant to look like a hockey stick.

Rendering courtesy Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

The bridge is expected to be open to traffic in 2024 and will alleviate some of the burden carried by the 88-year-old Ambassador Bridge. And it truly is a burden: around a quarter of all goods traded annually between the two countries passes through the Detroit-Windsor corridor.

Rendering courtesy Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

It should be noted that Canada will pay for pretty much the whole thing, including the United States border plaza. Tolls at the Canadian port of entry are expected to recover the expense… eventually.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.