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Instagram Just Made an Incredibly Useful, Long Overdue Update

Instagram is finally changing one of its most annoying shortcomings.

The photo-sharing app is making “drafts” an official part of its features – a small, but useful update.

The company first began testing drafts last month and is now making the feature available to all users.

We’ve all made hasty decisions when it comes to Instagram posts, regretting our filter choice or timing after the “likes” trickle in because it seemed like too much work to start over or revisit. So we post before we’re necessarily happy with it (major First World problem) because there was no way to save it and revisit later.


The drafts feature allows you to save your work mid-post so you can revisit edits, filter choices, and adjustments another time (#latergram).

To save the photo as a draft, just hit the back button mid-post and the app will ask whether or not you want to save the photo to your drafts. The next time you open the app, the saved draft will appear in a special section of your library above the rest of your photos.

A new addition is also the “manage” button in the drafts section, which allows you to remove drafts you no longer want to work on.

The update makes it easier to manage multiple accounts and to work on things to post at a later date. Instagram 9.4 is just starting to roll out, so you might have to be patient for a few days as you wait on the updated version.


The update comes less than two months after Instagram added a Snapchat-like video sharing feature. Back in May, the company changed its logo and added a bunch of crazy updates as well.

It’s safe to say we can probably expect another update before the holidays roll around.

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