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Hot Shop: March 19, 2012

With the weather here in Toronto about to reach summer levels in the coming week, we thought we'd suggest (and bring back) a boardwalk activity any YP male or female is bound to love under sunny skies

This season, we are bringing back the rollerblades here at Perhaps it was inspired by our Toronto office’s close proximity to the boardwalk, or reflecting on both the physical and transportation-related benefits to the activity for the young professional male and female alike. We have found this season’s hottest inline skate from the trusted Rollerblade brand for both sexes this season.

For the young professional lady, we love…

Rollerblade Activa 90 W
The Women’s Activa 90 is a solid and versatile high performance skate for women that can be used for casual skating, fitness or training, making them the ultimate YP female skate this summer. We love the sleek grey design, which won’t look dirty anytime soon and will blend into any outfit. They offer the reassuring added lateral support of a full height cuff, which reduces fatigue for beginners or for those Sunday excursions that turn into day-long adventures. The Activa 90 also features a laterally adjustable and shorter frame than the Tempest models, which makes the skate more maneuverable to create a good balance of speed and turning ability for ultimate control. 

Features include: True Wrap shell and cuff construction, specialized 5-Star women’s fit liners, Lo-Balance 280mm magnesium frames, new speedlacing and lace lock, Rollerblade 90mm/84A wheels and SG9 bearings. Alleviating unnecessary work or worry, the brake is on the skate.

For the YP gentleman, we love…

Rollerblade Tempest 100
For the young professional male, we recommend Rollerblade’s 2012 Tempest 100 high performance skates for men. We know the stigma surrounding some YP men and inline skating that it is a “wimpy sport” and we know you like to get the most out of any physical activity, so these skates are ideal for long distance skating, training and marathons. These low-profile boots offer an abundance of support and feature a unique wheel setup, 3x100mm/84A with 1x90mm/84A in the 2nd wheel position to keep the skate height low, giving more control while not compromising speed…because we know that is important. Lower set up facilitates strength and conditioning for serious fitness training and the unique wheel enhances the stride, making it ideal for cardio-pumping distance skating while enjoying our great Canadian summer. With their bold, masculine design, there’s nothing wimpy about them.

Features include: Low profile boot with 45° power strap. Precision 5-Star Fit liners. Performance asymmetrical lacing. Laterally adjustable, extruded aluminum frame with racing axles, length is 305mm up to size 10.5, 325mm above. Rollerblade SG9 bearings. The skates come with a brake in the box.

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