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Health Trends You Shouldn’t Ditch in 2015

Trends come and go, but none seem to fade faster than those relating to health. So how are you to know which fads to cut loose and which to hang onto, going into the New Year? Check out this list of the most notable health trends not to ditch in 2015

Fads come and go, and none seem to fade faster than the latest health trends.

So how are all us health freaks supposed to decipher which trends to chuck and which to stick with as we move forward into the New Year?

Just look to Notable, of course.

Here’s our list of notable health trends not to ditch in 2015:

Green Smoothies
Anything that entices us to happily and continually take down kale for breakfast – each and every morning – is a trend that’s here to stay. For serious smoothieologists, Vitamix has become the go-to blender, and now they’ve created a version perfect for young professional (YPs). The new S30 is smaller, cheaper, and ideal for single servings and condo kitchens. It’s definitely on our Christmas lists.

Most YPs who took dance as kids but gave it up because, you know, we weren’t likely to become prim ballerinas, still long to put on those slippers and hit the studio. Thanks to Barre, the popular new ballet-inspired workout, you can get back into your grand pliés and back into dancer shape. Barre is also perfect for fans of yoga, Pilates, and isometrics, looking for a new way to feel the burn.

Infused Water
It’s gorgeous (in other words, totally Instagramable) and inspires us to drink more water; that’s a win-win. Water that’s infused with fresh fruits and herbs is the tasty, but more natural and sugar-free way to stay hydrated. We plan to keep drinking it up well into the New Year.

We went into 2014 with a commitment to be more mindful and live more in the moment, and we plan to go into 2015 the same way. The mindfulness movement and meditation trend have only grown in popularity over the year, and show no signs of slowing down…well except to stop and appreciate the moment of course.

Protein Pancakes
The ultimate morning comfort food, packed with energy sustaining protein – there’s just no way this trend will go away, especially with recipes like this, for holiday-inspired gingerbread protein pancakes. Vega protein powders are particularly good as they works for everyone, packed full of greens and protein, but free of gluten, dairy, soy, and added sugar…yet somehow still manage to taste good.   

It’s a hardcore workout, an inspiring experience, a musical journey, a euphoric party; whatever you love about Spinning, what’s most important is that it burns serious cals, and YPs can’t get enough of it. We see this trend riding strong into 2015.

For those who can’t quite commit to going full veggy, but are looking to cut back on meat, the latest flexitarianism trend has been a major hit. Flexitarianism is both heart-healthy and eco-friendly, yet still allows you to indulge in wings and burgers every now and then. We’re in.  

Walking Meetings
We’ve been boasting about this awesome workplace trend since 2013, and we just can’t stop stop. Walking meetings let office dwellers get out of the boardroom and into the fresh air, to walk and talk alongside each other, increasing creativity and communication, as well as benefiting both physical and mental health. Get those boots on.

Going Organic
From better food quality and safety, to higher ethical standards, and eco-friendly politics, there are ever-mounting reasons to opt for organic when shopping for food. YPs are currently some of the most common organic shoppers, but we predict the trend will be on its way to becoming more the norm in 2015. 


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