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Facebook Launches New Workplace Network, Completes Total Domination of Your Life

If you were at work yesterday instead of stuffing your face to the point of food coma, you would already know about the latest news from Facebook HQ.

That’s because, at work, you would have of course been on Facebook, reading about this latest development. Only fitting, then, that you probably arrived here from our Facebook page… at work.

Well, Facebook and your professional life are about to be even more intertwined, as the social network announced the release of its Workplace service yesterday.

You can delete Slack, sign out of Skype, and smash the water cooler before continuing as they are now obsolete.

Image: Facebook

Facebook Workplace is essentially regular Facebook in that it offers groups, reactions, chat, search, trending posts, video, and live video, albeit with a touch of professional.

Image: Facebook

A few notes from Wired: “You can do group audio calling in chat, which should help teammates collaborate. You can also create and join multi-company groups if, say, you’re working on a project that involves your own company, plus a PR firm handling a product release. Your CEO, meanwhile, might address the entire company on Facebook Live.”

While Workplace has been around for a year and a half, with over 1,000 companies already using the service, it will now be available to any company or organization that wants to use it.

Click here to go on Facebook and feel like you’re working at the same time.

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