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Entitled Newlyweds Request Bigger Gift From Wedding Guest After She ‘Only’ Gave £100

A wedding guest has been left “utterly gobsmacked” after a bride and groom officially claimed her wedding gift simply wasn’t enough.

Ghastly, we know.

Following the wedding, the guest — who happens to be an ex-colleague of the bride — received an email from the newlyweds, which expressed how surprised they were by the gift as it “didn’t seem to match the warmth of your good wishes on our big day.”

The couple had requested cash in lieu of gifts and the guest had given £100 ($185 CAD) — and considering the relationship wasn’t even particularly close to begin with, they should be happy the guest gave them anything at all.

The email went on to imply that the guest might want to reconsider sending more money based on her current position, which she later revealed involved receiving an inheritance, and that the newlyweds would graciously accept such an upgrade: “In view of your own position, if you wanted to send any adjustment it would be thankfully received.”

The guest went on to post about the discouraging exchange on the online discussion forum Mumsnet last week to get advice from other Mumsnet members: “I’ve never come across anything like this before and still can’t quite believe they’ve done it – but since they have, should I reply, ring them, ignore it or what??”


To the astonishment of the guest more than 1,000 members weighed in on the dilemma and offered their own take on what she should do. Most of the opinions settled on cancelling the cheque she had written and gifting the newlywed couple with a reconsidered amount of mere pennies.

The guest returned to the post this week to inform her supports that the cheque had already been cashed, and that she had replied to the offending email with, “I assume this was some sort of mistake?”


But this isn’t the only bridezilla to make headlines this year. This past fall a bride asked a guest to reimburse her for the dinners she and her guest missed when they had to cancel coming to the wedding.

Stories about bridezillas have become all too common, but these two brides may have just taken the (wedding) cake.


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