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Category: Spirituality

A Front Row Seat to the Aurora Borealis

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when leaving the country became more of a challenge than a vacation, travelling within Canada became more popular for those looking to get away. Now, even with border restrictions easing, it is still a fantastic idea to explore and appreciate the phenomenal destinations

This New Hair Dye Changes Colour Like a Mood Ring

“Fire” is a new hair dye that changes colour according to your mood, kind of like a mood ring. Ring the alarm: An alleged real life witch has invented colour-changing hair dye. Lauren Bowker grew up in Reed, a small town that is very close to Pendle Hill — another small

Witches Cast Spell On Donald Trump To Remove Him From Office

At the stroke of Midnight last night, witches — or a community of women who practice witchcraft — performed a mass spell to remove President Trump from office. The magic spell was shared using #magicresistance on social media and the Facebook page, “A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All