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Why You Need to Start Listening to Cuban Music Right Now

We sat down with François Renie, Communications Director for Havana Club International, to get a deeper sense of why we can’t help but start swaying whenever a Cuban strikes a chord. Here’s why part of what makes Cuba move is the music

We Found the Best Cuban Cocktails in Canada

We hit up barstools in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal (we know, the things we do for you) to get a taste of three of the most authentic Cuban cocktails you’ll find anywhere in Canada. And trust us, whether you’re an amateur or an aficionado, you won’t be disappointed with what we found

Get a Taste of Havana on October 21st

This is how you go south in winter – without leaving the city. We’ve partnered with Havana Club to bring you the finest Cuban experience anywhere in Toronto. On October 21st, for one night only, you’ll find the world’s best rum, cigars, food, cocktails, and mixologists all under the same roof

Beyond Your Typical Bartenders: The Cuban Cantineros

How many of the hipsters tending bar in your city do you think would have ever agreed to work for free just to learn the fine art of the cocktail? Well, in Cuba it’s a completely different story. Which is probably why cantineros are some of the best bartenders in the world

A Notable Chat With a Cuban Master Rum Maker

When we want to know about something, we don’t just Wikipedia it. We find someone with years of experience; an expert, a master. So if you’re half as curious about Havana Club rum as we were, you’re going to want to find out everything we learned from one of its Master Rum Makers