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Canadian Cities Might Finally Eventually Allow Drinking in Parks

With the legalization of marijuana looming, some Canadian cities are pondering how to further accelerate society’s march towards the toilet.

Just kidding, but seriously: politicians are finally talking about the possibility of allowing people to have a beer in the park. It should be said, of course, that people do that anyway. It would just be nice to do so without the anxiety that comes with having to worry about being fined for it.

“I know from being in the parks now that it’s quite a widespread practice of people having a glass of wine, and it doesn’t seem the world has come to an end as a result of that,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory at an event last week. He added, however, that “anything that has to do with drinking in the province is immensely complicated.” As anyone who’s ever applied to a liquor license can confirm.

Furthermore, a meeting between the Vancouver Park Board and City of Vancouver today will discuss the possibility to buy beer from concession stands at two city beaches next summer.

“The main goal we’re looking for in Vancouver is to respect the person who’s respecting the drinking laws and is going to enjoy a bottle of wine and have a picnic,” said Michael Wiebe, chairman of the Vancouver Park Board. Wild stuff.

Here’s the thing: if someone wants to enjoy a beer or glass of wine in the park or at the beach, they’ll do it. Same with someone who wants to get blackout on the library steps. And there are suitable punishments for the latter. But allowing the former really won’t encourage people to start drinking or get drunk all that much, if at all.

It just means a more relaxed summer afternoon – and giving Canadians one less reason to travel to Europe.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.