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Calm Down, Ladies – More Than Half of Men Think Sexism is Over

Great news: sexism is a thing of the past…

…according to a majority of the American male population.

A Pew Research survey of 4,000 people aged 18 to 65 found that 56 per cent of male respondents believe gender inequality has all but disappeared.

Apparently they’ve turned a blind eye to the lingering wage gap, rape culture, persistent sexualization of females, and domestic violence statistics despite the growing dialogue surrounding gender equality.

Not surprisingly, female respondents didn’t exactly share the same sentiment.

Only 34 per cent of women believe that barriers women don’t face barriers in getting ahead.


The results varied by age as well.

Perhaps because they’re bombarded with headlines of progress and surrounded by strong female role models like no other younger generation before – and because they’re not at the receiving end of it – only 38 per cent of 18 to 34-year-old guys believe sexism still exists. This is compared to 63 per cent of females in the same age group.

Perhaps least surprising is the way the perceptions of sexism vary between political ideologies:

68 per cent of Democrat voters said that obstacles still make it harder for women to get ahead, while only 35 per cent of Republicans agreed.

The fact that people believe sexism has been “solved” only perpetuates the problem in the first place. While it may be more discreet, sexism is very much still a ‘thing’ (even on the streets of a city as progressive as Toronto).

Sorry, guys.



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