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Calgary Woman Launches ‘Rage Yoga’, Which Includes Cursing, Drinking and Heavy Metal

Mindfulness is universal – ways to achieve it, however, are not.

While some arrive at their zen through a series of ohms and namastes, others find that sweet spot when the serenity now strategy reaches its breaking point. Namely, through a cold pint, some heavy metal, and a few curses sprinkled in between.

Recognizing a gap in yoga’s point of entry, a Calgary woman has launched ‘Rage Yoga‘ for those who need a more thrilling way to align their body and spirit. Lindsay-Marie Istace, a certified yoga teacher and subscriber to the philosophy of ‘My Head Says Gym But My Heart Says Tacos‘, founded her practice after she discovered that letting loose on the yoga mat like it was a college bar helped her overcome a difficult period.

“During that time my practice became a lot more swear-y. I was angry, hurt, confused, and my time on the mat became a safe haven for me to let it out while reconnecting with my body,” she says.

Fittingly, her classes are held in a bar – in the dimly lit basement of Dickens, in Calgary – and are suited for anyone who’s looking to better their “strength, flexibility and become zen as f*ck.” That becoming is achieved by encouraging participants to feel free to swear and drink while posing.

Classes are held every Wednesday at 6pm.

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