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Interview Follow Up: It’s All in a Thank You

Most of us have been raised to thank people. We thank them for gifts, we thank them for attending our events, and we thank them for passing the sugar from the other side of the table. A question I often get asked is, “When is it an appropriate time to send a thank-you following an interview, and should it be by regular mail or could it be by email?”

“Should I Pay a Recruiter to Find Me a Position?”

Applying for a position with a recruiter should never cost you a dime. In fact, if you are ever asked for some sort of payment to submit a job application with a recruiter or with a company, don’t waste your time or money; I simply suggest running the other way

How Young Professionals Can Get Their CV Noticed in an Online Application

As a recruiter who specializes in fashion, consumer goods and retail, I receive a lot of CVs from various designers, graphic artists and other creative individuals. These types of candidates are usually the ones who like to display their creativity as much as possible and will often design a unique CV in hopes to get noticed. Here’s why it’s best to stick to the classic model